Inventory Planning & Forecasting

The cost of holding stock is continually increasing and the requirement to provide exceptional service has become paramount. For many companies to achieve this, efficient inventory planning and forecasting is key.

IEG Logistics has vast experience of purchasing, inventory planning, inventory forecasting and supply chain optimization.  We have a broad range of experience working with retail, e-commerce, electronics and manufacturing companies and we are very experienced in collecting and reading the data to optimize supply chain and inventory min/max levels. The benefits of inventory planning and forecasting are numerous:

  • Increased Customer Service
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Improved Supply Chain Capacity & Cost Control
  • Increased Supply Chain
  • Responsiveness and flexibility

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Whether employees can’t handle the increased business volumes or you just want to be boating with your friends, call IEG logistics with your warehousing and fulfillment needs. IEG Logistics offers warehousing, unparalleled customer service, progressive technology, and amazing shipping prices. Don’t allow delayed orders to impact the reputation you have worked so hard to attain. When your order volume outpaces your ability to get shipments processed and completed within a day’s time, it’s essential to utilize IEG logistics to help you maintain your reputation and service levels. IEG Logistics will provide all of the tools you need to electronically pass over orders and start shipping in no time. You and your staff will finally have time to catch your breath and focus on your core business concerns! Your customers have come to depend on the level of service you provide and when you transition your warehousing and fulfillment needs to IEG. Don’t stall your growth, call IEG Logistics and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Kitting & Staging

Many times, kitting and staging becomes very tedious and time consuming. Whether your kitting is simple or complex, IEG Logistics has the staff to design and implement the right kitting and staging procedures. Our packaging team can compile your individual products into ready-to-ship sets. Completed kits are stored with your inventory and mapped to a specific SKU distinct from those assigned to the individual products that may be shipped separately.

For products that consistently ship together as a set, pre-kitted packages save time and money and make good sense. The advantage of pre-assembled kits is the streamlined kitting process where everything is assembled and completed in order. Retaining pre-assembled kits in stock likewise saves time when an order is placed by not having to stop and pull all of the various components together. Additionally, as more kits are produced at one time, the assembly time per kit is reduced by avoiding the stops and starts associated with assembling orders as they come in. Distribution is simplified by pre-kitted inventory because all that’s left to do upon receiving an order is to affix a shipping label and send it on its way. But, if you do run into situation where your products need to be sold individually or need to be assembled only when ordered, IEG Logistics can perform that as well.

Asset Tagging & Tracking

As electronic RFID is becoming cheaper and cheaper, it is becoming much more cost effective to tag and track your products through their product inventory process, warehouse requirements, shipping and return management process.

Reverse Logistic & Returns Management

Difficulty with reverse logistics and returns management is a problem in the past.  Software allows customers to manage returns in the same place as managing orders.  RMA labels help customers ship their returns back to us, at which point the items will be inspected, processed, re-inventoried, if damaged, we’ll perform your company’s product specific end-of-life procedures. The life cycle of all assets will be maintained in the web portal for easy access and reporting.

Key Analytic Reporting

Just like any good plan, it is imperative to evaluate and review all of your processes. Continuous improvement is necessary to stay in front of your competition.

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